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Watch out! Amazon now allows you to appeal suspensions without a Plan of Action if you do this!

Kika Angelic



For many years, Amazon required sellers to prepare Plans of Action in order to get their suspended Seller Accounts reinstated. In early 2018, the company introduced pre-suspension phone calls, where merchants were phoned by so-called Account Health Team representatives and advised to submit their Plan of Action within no more than 72 hours to prevent account deactivation.

However, regardless of what Amazon did, third party sellers still overwhelmingly struggled to successfully appeal and have their suspensions or account blocks lifted.

What is a Plan of Action

A Plan of Action is basically a carefully drafted legal document, which cannot be written using a person’s ordinary language. It has to sound ”Amazonian” and contain their specific terminology. Honestly sounding appeals are commonly referred to by insiders as ”walls of text” and known to be rejected by the company at first sight.

Following Amazon Seller Account deactivation, unless you are a talented essay-writer or a lawyer (or both) and fluent in English, you typically end up permanently suspended from selling on Amazon.

What are ”Amazon Seller Account Suspensions”

Unlike on other similar e-commerce platforms, where getting suspended from selling is extremely rare and it only happens to sellers who knowingly repeatedly flagrantly violated its policies, on Amazon, getting suspended is a routine.

Every day, there are crowds of desperate suspended Amazon Sellers begging for help in Facebook groups, on Amazon Seller Forums, in Telegram groups, on Twitter, on LinkedIn and elsewhere.

The suspensions are often a result of something as innocent as a single negative Seller Feedback or a Product Review, where Amazon’s automated bots detected a specific phrase.

This way, thousands of established businesses are losing their livelihoods every day due to a very little fault of their own.

The “appeal expert” industry

This ”Amazon suspension nightmare” contributed to the growth of a completely new, extremely profitable industry of various “Amazon reinstatement experts”.

These experts are mostly shady unskilled people with no legal background, who are advertising their services through the internet under a complete anonymity and requiring payments of several hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the most simple assistance involving suspended Amazon Seller Accounts, which grossly exceeds the retainer fees of even the most senior actual solicitors. Usually, your service provider will either disappear after getting paid or cease all communication following his first unsuccessful appeal attempt.

There are a few exemptions of professional advisors, who are providing assistance under their real identity and operate a legitimate business with a strong online presence and a credible reputation. Those are a small minority and often end up getting pursued by their shady anonymous rivals – who will try to discredit them using all possible means, including illegal tactics.

My participation

As a genuinely successful Amazon seller and a law student, I dedicated years of my time to helping other Amazon Sellers appeal their suspensions for free through the Amazon Seller Forum. This caused me to get targeted by unsuccessful rival advisors, whose full time income was sabotaged by my free help. Here you can read my story: .

After getting removed from the Amazon Seller Forum, I continued helping as much as I could through social media, including Facebook, YouTube and OnlyFans. However, to my disappointment, all of the rival “Amazon experts” who harassed me through the forum immediately restarted their business of pocketing thousands of dollars a day through the forum as soon as my free assistance was no longer available.

While pursuing a legal action using all possible means to achieve justice and have my standing in the community restored, I was getting news about suspended Amazon sellers becoming desperate with no one to help them on the forums (where I used to provide free assistance).

This was making me extremely sad and I wished that Amazon ended the whole ”suspension business”, which would put a stop to the abuse on their platform and at the same time save countless innocent sellers from the frustration of losing their livelihoods.

The new approach

Over the past year, Amazon occasionally offered sellers quizzes and ticking of boxes, which reactivated their accounts or prevented account deactivation. However, this was still a rarity rather than the standard process.

Recently, there has been a surprisingly positive development towards the right direction!

Amazon’s Account Health Team is now secretly allowing sellers to appeal through a phone call, without the need to submit a written Plan of Action!

However, remember that you shouldn’t be taking appealing by a phone call for granted.

You still need to answer the phone call on the first attempt. Also, it remains necessary to be very well prepared, perfectly able to improvise and present your case in a confident, fluent English.

The main difference is that you will be able to avoid the stress connected to appealing and the whole matter will be resolved in a form of a friendly talk with an Amazon representative.

How it works

Once your Seller Account is ”At Risk” of deactivation, especially over Order Defect Rate, Late Shipment Rate, Cancellation Rate or Valid Tracking Rate, you need to prepare yourself for a potential upcoming pre-suspension phone call.

  1. Make sure that your ”Emergency Contact Phone Number” is filled. This is the number, which will be used by the Account Health Team representative to contact you.
  2. Review your metrics and memorize what kind of defects you received – whether all of them were related to non-receipt issues or some were complaining about items being not as described – and how many of such defects were received.
  3. Then think about a way how you can explain what happened, what kind of steps and actions you can take to address the matter and what will you do to prevent it from happening again.
  4. If you don’t know what does a Plan of Action look like or if you are clueless how to deal with a matter like this, simply subscribe to my Onlyfans page for a small charge of $24.99, where you will find dozens of successful Plan of Action examples addressing every possible suspension reason.
  5. Shortly after your metrics exceed their target, you will receive a phone call from an Account Health Team representative.
  6. THIS IS TRICKY! READ VERY CAREFULLY: The Account Health Team representative will advise you in the beginning of the call that you will have to submit a Plan of Action within no more than 72 hours using a button in the Account Health Dashboard. They will NOT WARN you that you can entirely appeal during the phone call!!! THIS IS A SECRET!
  7. Then, the Account Health Team representative will continue sounding very nice and friendly and will start questioning you whether you are aware of the defects and what kind of defects these were. He will ask you to explain the reason for exceeding Amazon’s performance metric targets, then invite you to describe the actions which you took to address the matter and lastly, you will need to tell him how you will prevent this from happening again.
  8. At the end of the phone call….. SURPRISE, SURPRISE, …. the representative will inform you that he/she just accepted your Plan of Action and you no longer need to appeal.
  9. Once you successfully avoid a suspension, your Seller Account will remain ”Watchlisted” by the Amazon Seller Performance – all disbursements will remain on a rolling reserve for the next 30 days. You will be e-mailed with a summary of your ”Plan of Action” – containing everything what Amazon decided to keep on record, out of what you said.
  10. On the 30th day, someone will review your account to see if your metrics improved and if you implemented all of the steps and actions mentioned. If your metrics worsen, your Seller Account will get suspended and you will need to submit an actual Plan of Action.

It looks like this is exactly what all sellers spent ages waiting for and it eliminates the need to hire an expert to prepare you an expensive Plan of Action letter.

Now, sellers can honestly explain the matter using their own words over the phone and for as long as they wish.

However, keep in mind that your appeal still has to be very good and include all of the standard steps and actions, just like a written Plan of Action.

The perfect solution is subscribing to my OnlyFans page on this link, where you will be able to immediately pull up dozens of Plan of Action examples depending on your specific suspension reason and help yourself during the phone call with an Account Health Team representative.

I strongly recommend you that you explain the matter as honestly as possible, while avoiding blaming buyers, competitors or Amazon – this never works and Amazon always rejects appeals like this.

Also, the second most important thing is that in order to pass a phone reinstatement, you will need to actually take some steps and actions BEFORE the phone call – so you can mention them!

For example, if you are having problems with non-receipt issues, you should:

  • Refund complaining customers or offer replacements.
  • Answer customer messages.
  • Download the Amazon Seller App (to help you answer customer messages during outside of office hours).
  • Appeal A-Z claims.
  • Enter valid tracking numbers into any unshipped orders.

If you are having issues with Late Shipment Rate or Cancellations, you should:

  • Increase your Handling Time.
  • Remove out of stock products.
  • Set your Seller Account on Vacation Settings.
  • Stop dropshipping.

If you are having issues with products not being as described:

  • Remove ASINs with complaints from your inventory.
  • Offer returns or replacements.
  • Improve product images and description.

When you proactively take some of above mentioned steps and actions, you can then suggest the Amazon representative to verify the accuracy of your statements by checking it for himself – inside your Seller Account.

It is absolutely the best to even mention the exact dates when you took each of the actions – this will impress the Amazon Account Health Team representative.

Further recommendation

I hope you found my article helpful. Please share it across the Amazon Seller Community, so other Amazon Sellers can prepare themselves as well.

If your Amazon Seller Account is already suspended, read my article addressing what does the dreaded wording: Account deactivated in accordance with section 3 of Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement, mean: .

If you are unable to login to the Seller Central, then your Seller Account might be ”on hold”. In such case, read the following detailed article:

Meanwhile, I am preparing a YouTube video regarding the matter. Here you can watch my older video, where I am providing tips regarding appealing Amazon Seller Account suspensions (don’t be confused by the opening of the video, where I am enjoying a vacation – it’s a part of the story):

My name is Kristina Hajdukova, but I am known as Kika Angelic. I used to be the most prolific and reputable contributor on the Amazon Seller Forum, before being maliciously removed and defamed. Here you can learn more about my story: My GoFundMe page seeking help from Amazon – feel free to support me!

Eventually, I became the first person in the world to succeed in a defamation lawsuit against Amazon and the company had to prominently publish me an apology and pin it to the top of the whole Amazon Seller Forum, click here to see it!

Regarding Amazon Seller Performance, you can always participate in my Amazon Seller Performance – Friendly Advice – Worldwide group, where you will be very welcome.

If you are an Amazon Seller who needs help with any Amazon-related issues such as suspensions, listing blocks or is looking for professional assistance, please don’t hesitate to subscribe to my new OnlyFans page at:

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Most common questions and myths about Amazon Seller Account suspensions answered

Kika Angelic



This article will cover most questions related to Amazon Seller Account suspensions or appealing.

What is section 3 ?

Many sellers wonder what Amazon means by section 3 of Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement. Section 3 is simply a section which allows them to terminate your relationship with Amazon. Amazon’s Business Soltions Agreement is written as an “at-will” agreement they can terminate at any time. It’s just a aggrement between you and Amazon read it carefully i want just to clarify that all accounts are suspended in section 3 violation but under section 3 there comes a lot of things many policies which can’t be discussed here in the small time measurement .

What is Amazon seller code of conduct?

Never misrepresent yourself. Always act in a manner that ensures a trustworthy experience for Amazon customers. Never list products that may cause harm to Amazon customers. Never engage in any misleading, inappropriate or offensive behavior.Try to act professionally and don’t misguide customer directly to another webiste and don’t share their personal information

What happens when Amazon disables your account?

Account Deactivation can also include removing any information and assets stored in the account. Amazon Account Deactivation not only stops you from selling on the platform but also removes the product listings you’ve worked hard on. Listing Deactivation is the removal of listings reported to have violations . They remove your selling privileges

Why is my account under review?

When your profile is put under review, it means you’ve been reported multiple times by other users. While under review, we’ll look for any violations of our Terms of Use or Community Guidelines. If your profile hasn’t violated any of our policies, you’ll be allowed back in.they sent you notifications in the performance tab that you have doing this violation so that’s why we put your account under review to further research on it

Can I make another Amazon account after being suspended?

No, you can’t. You have to know that already, because you’re already going against Amazon policy by operating a second account after your first has been suspended. Don’t ever try to create account on the same things that have you used in your suspended account it means your name and address maybe your credit card details link with that account and they make your account suspended in multiple account policy violation

Can I create two Amazon accounts with same number?

It is not possible to create two or more Amazon accounts with the same phone number. One Amazon account can be attached to only one mobile or email address.

Can I have two Amazon accounts with the same email address?

Amazon doesn’t allow creating multiple account with same email id or mobile number and neither can it be merged. What you can do is, choose an account that you wish to keep and close the other account and use the contact details (email or mobile number) on existing or current account.

For selling on Amazon you must comply with this number otherwise your account will be suspended in these things

*ODR* should be under 1% of all your sell

*VTR* should be 95%

*LSR* should be under 4%

How can a seller get suspended on Amazon?

Creating Inaccurate Listings. …

Selling Prohibited Items. …

Selling Counterfeit Items. …

Ignoring Trademarks and Copyright. …

Selling Poor Quality Items. …

Neglecting to Address Shipping Issues. …

Buying or Otherwise Influencing Reviews.

I’m saying again there are still many things due to which account got suspended these are just few of them

How long can Amazon suspend your account?

How long do Amazon suspensions last?

Suspensions can last anywhere from one day to forever, depending on how well they’re handled. you appeal for reinstatement and they accept your Plan of Action on the first try sometimes if you describe the things in detail and point to point if not it may can take 2 to 5 or we can say it depends on how you have designed your plan of action

In case that you are a seller, who is worried about his Amazon business or you already received the dreaded deactivation notice, feel free to subscribe to my OnlyFans page at, where I will assist you for $24.99 per month.

Additionally, here you can watch my YouTube video, where I am presenting you several secret tips about appealing Amazon Seller Account suspensions (don’t be confused by the opening of the video, where I am enjoying a vacation – it’s a part of the story):

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New Amazon Seller Central widget shows sales statistics

Kika Angelic



Recently, Amazon Seller Central across North American marketplaces started displaying a new widget. This widget is showing a graph with sales numbers in each marketplaces currency and can be switched to display results for different time periods.

You will be able to see how your sales fluctuated and whether they increased or are declining. The widget is currently only present on the US, CA, MX and JP sites but may be enrolled across international Amazon marketplaces soon.

Here you can view a screenshot:

I hope you found this article helpful. If you are an Amazon Seller who needs help with any Amazon-related issues such as suspensions, listing blocks or is looking for professional assistance, please don’t hesitate to subscribe to my OnlyFans help page at:

Many Amazon sellers recently started trading stocks and crypto currencies, hoping to diversify their income, which is a very good idea with all the uncertainty which comes with the platform. For this reason, we launched a new Facebook group, Crypto Arbitrage Income (Bitcoin, Crypto, Altcoins, Blockchain, Trading) – feel free to join us and forget about the troubles of selling on Amazon for a moment!

Regarding Amazon Seller Performance, you can always participate in our Amazon Seller Performance – Friendly Advice – Worldwide group, where you will be very welcome.

In case you are an Amazon Seller who needs help with Seller Identity Verification on Amazon, please feel free to watch my most detailed video on the subject, addressing all common questions:

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Customer Product Condition Complaints can now be lifted without a Plan of Action or invoices

Kika Angelic



Recently, Amazon completely reformed their approach to appealing most Seller Account suspensions or other Account Policy enforcements, in a clear attempt to try and keep as many marketplace sellers doing business on their platform as possible, since the competition is growing and they don’t want to risk losing their selection of products.

Instead of getting their bestselling listings blocked, having to prepare a detailed Plan of Action or submitting invoices and authorization letters, sellers are asked to tick two or more boxes, where they acknowledge the complaint and promise to take specific steps and actions, which would be normally presented in a Plan of Action.

Finally, sellers won’t need to spend thousands of dollars on hiring various Amazon experts.

Here you can view a screenshot of such appeal for a Customer Product Condition Complaint, which leads to a submission of acknowledgement and ticking of boxes, rather than a standard appeal:

The following steps and actions need to be acknowledged:

  • I will identify the root cause(s) driving the customer complaints and implement preventative steps to ensure that these issues don’t occur in the future.
  • I will ensure that my products are accurately listed against the correct ASINs, and that the functionality, edition, size, or language described in the listing matches my product.
  • I will have quality control processes set up to ensure products being shipped are stored properly, match the description in product detail page, contains all necessary parts, and function as expected.
  • Whilst making this acknowledgement will remove this violation from my Account Health Dashboard, I understand Amazon may still take it into account when considering future concerns around my listings.
  • I acknowledge that I have read, understood, and agree to comply with the following policies- Preventing Product Condition Issues, and Selling Policies and Seller code of conduct.

If you anyway received a request for a proper Plan of Action and need help with preparing it, please feel free to reach out to me by subscribing to my professional advice available through my OnlyFans page for a small $24.99 fee at:

I hope you found this article helpful. Many Amazon sellers recently started trading stocks and crypto currencies, hoping to diversify their income, which is a very good idea with all the uncertainty which comes with the platform. For this reason, we launched a new Facebook group, Crypto Arbitrage Income (Bitcoin, Crypto, Altcoins, Blockchain, Trading) – feel free to join us and forget about the troubles of selling on Amazon for a moment!

Regarding Amazon Seller Performance, you can always participate in our Amazon Seller Performance – Friendly Advice – Worldwide group, where you will be very welcome.

In case you would like to review my top secret tips with appealing Amazon Seller suspensions, please feel free to watch my informative video regarding the subject (it starts with a scenes of me being on a vacation – this is a part of the video and it will continue to appealing suspensions):

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