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My name is Kristina Hajdukova, but I am known as Kika Angelic. I used to be the most prolific and reputable contributor on the Amazon Seller Forum, before being maliciously removed and defamed. Here you can learn more about my story: My GoFundMe page seeking help from Amazon – feel free to support me!

Eventually, I became the first person in the world to succeed in a defamation lawsuit against Amazon and the company had to prominently publish me an apology and pin it to the top of the whole Amazon Seller Forum, click here to see it!

Regarding Amazon Seller Performance, you can always participate in my Amazon Seller Performance – Friendly Advice – Worldwide group, where you will be very welcome.

If you are an Amazon Seller who needs help with any Amazon-related issues such as suspensions, listing blocks or is looking for professional assistance, please don’t hesitate to subscribe to my new OnlyFans page at:

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