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My name is Kristina Hajdukova, but I am known as Kika Angelic. I have been selling online since high school and I dedicated my entire life to helping other Amazon Sellers and building the seller community

Regarding Amazon Seller Performance, you can always participate in my Amazon Seller Performance – Friendly Advice – Worldwide group, where you will be very welcome.

If you are an Amazon Seller who needs help with any Amazon-related issues such as suspensions, listing blocks or is looking for professional assistance, please don’t hesitate to subscribe to my new OnlyFans page at:

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John Smith
Amazon fba seller
Abdu Quddus
Abdul Here 😉… I am from Pakistan and working on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Fb Marketplace and Newegg.... Every time I encounter a suspension problem on these markets I look for a solution on "Seller's Union" and I would say that this is the only place where you can find a solution to any of your problems. And I'm the one of the biggest fans of "Kika Angelique"….
Dima Petrov
Amazon entrepreneur since 2017. Computer specialist since 2005. Mountaineer. Bodybuilder.
Virtual Paralegal with 15 years of experience in North America, Co-Founder @ ParaMount Elance with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), Paralegal, Account Reinstatement Specialist, Shopify, E-Learning, Etsy, and E-commerce Consulting. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Commerce/IT from the University of Punjab.
AMZ Optimizer
Amz Optimizer holds high standards on all of its amazon seller services. Photography and Listing Content are considered as our prime real estate and are, in fact, given the utmost priority. We hold advantage in terms of the convenience we provide to our customers through our state-of-the-art studios which are located in 5 different countries; the USA & UK, China, Australia, and Canada.