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Your selling privileges have been removed

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K M 3 years

Dear sellers, As the title says, our account has suspended due to the products that we offer may not be authentic, attached the original notification. As a new business sellers on Amazon with zero sales on those effected product on .de marketplace, we are wondering why this happened. We supply all our products with invoices directly from the manufacturers (brand owners) or official representatives in our country. In the performance notification section we can appeal on this action. Amazon requests us only to upload the documents but not to create a plan of action. We can upload a plan of action only if we chose this option: Has your account been deactivated in error? If you believe your account has been deactivated in error, please provide an explanation here You will be asked to provide an explanation and supporting evidence or documentation. If you wish to acknowledge the issue instead, please complete the form above. So, we have a few questions:

  • It is proper to create a plan of action even though the amazon doesn’t request it?
  • The invoices are not in one of the supporting language (Greek). Can we upload them?
  • We have contracts with the manufacturer (brand owners) that allow us to sell those product but those contracts also have sensitive informations as you can understand and we are not allowed us to upload or share them through the internet. If we upload only the invoices isn’t enough?
  • The Amazon advised us to “mark or circle the ASIN (s) to be checked to speed up the check” and the same time Amazon says “These documents must be genuine and unchanged”. So we mark those affected ASIN or not?
  • Which form must upload those invoices only .pdf, scanned the original invoice and upload?

We will appreciate it, if the fellow sellers response to our questions. Thank you in advanced and for your support.

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