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You incorrectly selected the ‘Individual’ legal entity when you registered

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Just over a week ago I got an email from Amazon.... <div> ‘You are currently registered as an 'Individual' seller, but your selling activity fits the criteria for a business/UK Sole Proprietor’. OK fair enough. I followed the instructions to change it, but of course, the relevant sections were greyed out / not there etc, so I mailed seller support and thought nothing more of it. Unusually I had no reply. Now Amazon has followed up with a suspension. I followed the instructions again, but this time it all worked fine, submitted and said something like all the relevant evidence had been received and to wait 24/48 hours. Nothing happened so I reached out to seller help, they immediately phoned back and told me to fill in the appeal stuff, which I did. Its been 48 since then – what do I do next? </div>
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