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Received Intellectual Property Complaints (62 complaints)

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Hi Kika, So glad to have found you. I trust you more than anyone and I need help. As you know, Amazon crashed. i noticed a lot of suppressed listing with images and I just assumed it was fallout from the crash. Today I look at my Account Health and see I'm at risk. There are 62 complaints for these suppressed listing with the images removed. These are not all the listings I have for this brand. They picked 62 and as of now that is what is affected. I am 20 years selling on Amazon and have had very little issues. This brand is not restricted and I've been selling this brand for 3 years with no issues so far. I had to contact the company for something non -related to Amazon and I'm wondering if they started looking on amazon. I do not know what started this but I admit I am at fault for using their website photos. I've used them from day one and no complaints . My questions are- how do I clear this up? I'm assuming this is due to the photos as the listings were not removed, but suppressed with images gone. Would this be a correct assumption? How long do I have to clear these up? They were suppressed on the 27th. I am frantic and sick to my stomach as this is the time to sell and my money is invested in lots of inventory sitting here. Please help me. I think you are the best and have read you and watched your videos for a long time. I apologize for this long post but I am scared to death! Thank you, Dee
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