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Pro-active e-mail permaban.

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Quick question to the group. Apparently, this was a stupid mistake with Amazon on our part (it had nothing to do with review manipulation or an attempt to go against terms of service). We were using a 3rd party e-mail software to automate review request, and apparently the settings were in violation of Amazon's TOS. Our account health is good, and we can still sell, however we have been permanently banned from initiating pro-active contact with customers (in other words, if they reach out to us, we can correspond, otherwise, no). Amazon states there is no course of appeal for this decision. We have consulted with a few attorneys and the input has been varied. Some have said yes, we can help you for a fee. Others have said you have no way of winning this, and we can't help you. Does anyone have experience with this issue? We are simply concerned because it does put our account at a tactical disadvantage. Thanks.
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