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POA for French account help please

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I Have been selling on Amazon for over 5 years not FBA but seller fulfilled. We are based in France and sell across EU and USA CA. We sold very little to France but in February 2017 our selling privileges on Amazon FR were revoked. We have maintained a 100% record on Amazon UK IT ES USA and CA since that date. We did not submit a POA in 2017 nor since, as the number of sales in France was tiny. I would now like to get the French selling account re-instated but cannot find any information about why the account was deactivated in 2017. I honestly can't remember but it may have been 1 negative Feedback or 1 a-z claim but I cannot see this information anywhere. I assume that I need to establish what the defect was before I can submit a plan of action. Any suggestions welcome.
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