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Plan of Action ('Inauthentic' issue)

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John White 3 years

Hi guys, thank you for allowing me into the forums! ?‍♂️

We are appealing an account suspension at the moment, for possible inauthentic items. The items we were selling are 100% authentic, but we were sourcing from Staples (a UK retailer).

➡️ Amazon were initially requesting invoices/authorisation letter for three ASINS. We supplied the invoice from Staples. We have since had another message requesting invoices from an earlier date, and a plan of action.

?I'm not clear whether this means that Amazon have accepted the earlier invoices?

In any case, we don't have invoices from the date provided. I think we have made two mistakes here;

1. We listed inventory before we had purchased it (we knew we could source the items, so listed them to see if we'd get any sales)

2. We didn't realise that buying from a retailer was an issue, and we didn't realise we needed a letter of authorisation from the brand.

❓My question; could the following Plan of Action be improved upon?

Many thanks in advance for any help!

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