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Inauthentic Product Complaint, 90 Days, Funds Held by Amazon

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Hi All, I am wondering if anyone can help. We've had selling privileges withdrawn from us by Amazon at the end of July due to 2 inauthentic complaints. For the record, I've never sold any counterfeit products in my life. 1) The buyer literally stole an item from us and returned a different counterfeit product claiming it was not working (we record serial numbers so we know). Reporting him to Police Action Fraud and got the crime reference number. 2) The buyer has purchased another item claiming it also doesn't work (item was 100% legitimate) when I tried to contact the buyer there was no one by that name at the delivery address nor the phone number provided was for the above buyer (possibly a competitor?) Amazon since would not reinstate our account on the grounds that they would not accept our invoices. Moreover, Amazon has held on to £3.8k funds since July. I've requested Amazon Disbursement Team twice now to no avail, even stating they have no right to hold to our funds after 90 days. It looks like I will have no other choice but to file a county court claim vs Amazon Can anyone advise, please? Many thanks in advance alex
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