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Help reinstate blocked asin

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hi one of our good selling asin was blocked for used sold as new complaint though we never sell used.we sent appeal 2 times but not accepted pls advise Appeal 1 Hello team amazon This is to bring in your attention that this listing was blocked due to sold as new complaint when the amazon account was in possession of the previous owner **** limited and after that we have took over as ***** limited.when we dig into the problem further and checked previous customer complaints we found that there is only 1 complaint from a buyer **** who said that the mats received are damaged and scratched which didnt mean that used item was sent but it was damaged in transit by courier but your system detected it as used sold as new and blocked the listing.when we took over the business we never found any used inventory of this or any other item and the business only used to sell new items. we have attached an invoice for these mats which we got from previous business and have been purchased from bonningtons who sell only brand new items and not used so the only problem we can think of is a courier damage only Greater detail on the root cause(s) that led to the complaints about the condition of your items: After carefully reviewing our entire account, all orders received for the ASIN ******, reading our seller feedbacks, product reviews, checking the A-Z claims and returns comments, We determined that the complaints were caused by insufficient product packaging as only one customer complained about the damage of the item and not used.damage was caused in transit due to insufficient packing. As we sell these products and are brand new so the damage can only be caused due to less packaging - The product was not packaged in a protective packaging, which would protect it against damage during transit. Greater detail on the actions you have taken to resolve the complaints about the condition of your items: We have authorized all return requests for ASIN ****** and sending replacements, carefully inspected all returned merchandise and refunded the buyers. - I have personally checked all remaining inventory for the ASIN ******** and discarded any units with damaged packaging. - While ******** used to be packaged loose, I have now covered them with bubble wrap and placed into more cardboard to prevent any damage during transit. Prior to sending any new orders to customers.wehave placed stickers on the packaging stating that if the seal is broken, the units can not be placed back into inventory. This will help me prevent used-sold-as-new complaints related to customer returns. Greater detail on the steps you have taken to prevent future complaints about the condition of your items:. We have also created quality control department who will check any new stock arriving in warehouse to confirm its all brand new sealed and new. We will package them in bubble wraps and more harder cardboard boxes to avoid damages and future complaints. The separate return department we have created will dispose off any returns they receive and returns will not be resent or mixed with new stock. Appeal 2 Dear Amazon Team, I am contacting you in regards to our blocked listing. Our ASIN was removed due to a received complaint for an item that has been sold under the wrong condition. I like to herewith appeal that decision. First, I will to note that we only sell new products and do not sell any used items. I have completely understood the complaint though and have taken some time to reflect on it and develop an appropriate action plan. Please let me explain the taken steps in following a plan of action. - The issue(s) that led to the complaints about the product condition or description of your items. Out of 829 orders we received one customer complaint regarding our product condition. A buyer did complain about used item being sold as new. Since we fulfill our items ourselves we can confirm that we only sell new items as described on our listing. The packaging of the order, however, could have been damaged during shipment. We believe that a damage in packaging could have led to an dissatisfied customer and the impression that the product isn’t new. - The actions you have taken to resolve the issue(s) that caused the complaints about the product condition or description of your items. We have consulted our packaging provider and developed a better packaging solution. This will ensure that items will be better protected and will reach buyers in the desired condition. We now use bubble wrap and cardboard instead of black shrink wrap. - The steps you have taken to prevent future complaints about the condition of your items. We have already ordered new packaging material and can straight away use it to better protect our items. Before an item is listed on Amazon and our inventory is updated, each item will be carefully inspected to make sure it is in perfect condition. This applies to the item itself as well as its packaging. This means - Inventory will only be added if we do have that product in new condition available. We ensure that our inventory reflects our available stock at all times. In addition to ensuring that our items are always sold in the correct condition classification, we will have each returned item either be kept by the customer or destroyed at our premises. This way we ensure that each item sent to our customers is new. Attached you will find invoices for our product which also shows that we buy the items in new conditions. Our supplier is reliable. You will find their contact information on the invoice. We are fully dedicated to provide our buyers with a great buying experience and do hope that you can see that in our appeal. Thanks for your attention and I’m looking forward to your response. invoice attached
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