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Amazons response after 3 months of emailing. Need advice on how to respond

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Amazons response after 3 months of emailing. On November 2019, when we tried to register to UAE, we were hit with the "Your account is related to another account that may not be used to sell" , on our main UK/Europe account and newly registered Japan account. We were told to appeal but didn't know how one could appeal given they don't know what they did wrong. After emailing them for last 3 months and sending them an angry email 2 days back, I received this email today afternoon. A bit confused I only asked them to reinstate our UK/Europe account (angrily, and ccd jeff bezos and UK managing director) and didn't mention anything about releasing the amount they witheld. Either way i would like my acccount reinstated and also receive my funds. Please provide me some advice on how I could respond to the below email I received today afternoon. I just want everyones opinion " Hello XXXXX, We have received your request for payment. However, we cannot complete this request at this time. Why is this happening? Your account has been identified as an unauthorized multiple or related account. Operating or maintaining multiple accounts is prohibited and your funds may be withheld if it is determined that your account has been used to engage in prohibited activity. During the previous 90-day period, you have failed to successfully appeal for reinstatement. As a result, your account is now under review to determine if you are eligible for disbursement of funds. What is required to receive the funds associated with your account? In order to receive the funds in your account, we ask that you disclose information about all of the selling accounts that you have opened with Amazon in the past 3 years. Failure to disclose an account may result in the forfeiture of your funds. Please include the following information on each of your related accounts: -- Name of the party who registered the account. -- Name(s) of the party operating the account. -- Email address. -- Phone number. -- Physical address(s) where you operated the selling accounts and dates at that location(s). -- Purpose or reason for opening the additional account. -- Name of your business’s registered agent. --------(Can someone tell me whats business registered agent) -- Name(s) of the party operating the account. How do I send the required information? Submit this information to Once we receive your submission, we will review all of your accounts for prohibited activity and respond with a final decision within 7 days What happens if I do not send the requested information? If we do not receive the requested information or if your appeal for funds is not successful, some or all of your funds will be withheld. If you do not wish to submit any additional information, please let us know and we will complete our review and provide you with a final response. Sincerely, Seller Performance Team "
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