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Account suspension for "non-professional contacts"

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Can anyone help with that ?? Hello, You have had inappropriate or unprofessional contacts with members of the community. This is against our policies. As a result, you can no longer sell on and your listings have been removed from our website. The funds will not be transferred to you, but will remain in your account while we work with you to resolve this issue. Submit all open orders. You can see your balance and settlement information in the Payments section of the Seller Center. If you have questions about this, send an email to If you want to appeal this decision, follow this link :; What happens if I don't appeal this decision? You have 90 days after receiving this notification to provide a valid appeal or choose not to appeal. After this period, you can contact us to request your funds. We’ll conduct a separate investigation to evaluate your account. The policies we adopt are to protect our customers and sales partners. If we find that you have violated our policies, abused our system or engaged in fraudulent or illegal activity, we may withhold some or all of the money in your account. You can view your account's performance at or select Account Health from the Amazon Seller app home screen on your iOS or Android device. The account health dashboard shows your account's performance against the performance policies and metrics needed to sell on Amazon. –IOS App Sincerely, Amazon Sales Team Sincerely, Amazon Sales Team
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