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Account Deactivated in accordance with section 3 of Amazon’s Business Solutions

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Received an email from Seller performance regarding deactivation of accounts on the following market places ( Spain Germany Uk and France ) Need help in re-instatement of the accounts Please suggest.. Hello, Your Seller account has been deactivated in accordance with section 3 of Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement. Your listings have been disabled. Funds will not be transferred to you, but will be held in your account while we work with you to address this issue. This may take up to 90 days, but funds may be held for longer. Please ship any open orders to avoid further impact to your account. We found that your account is related to an account that may not be used to sell on our site. As a result, you may no longer sell on How do I reactivate my account? In order to reactivate this Selling account, please follow the below steps: 1. You must first reactivate any and all accounts that have been enforced for policy violation by submitting one appeal for each enforcement. Please follow the instructions in the communication received for that account. 2. You can also appeal enforcements by signing into your primary Seller Central account and accessing your Performance Notifications for each region in which you operate an account. Submit an appeal for all accounts, except the account that is deactivated for a related account, by clicking the appeal button in the notification received for each account. 3. Once you have successfully reactivated that account, please submit an appeal to reactivate the current account, by using this link: When submitting the appeal, you will need to provide us with the name of the account that was reactivated and the date of reactivation. What if I don’t own the separate account(s)? If you believe you do not own the separate account(s), please follow the below steps: 1. If you once owned the account/were a rights owner but no longer own it/no longer have account rights, please submit an appeal following this and provide supporting documentation to show that you no longer own it/no longer have any relationship to this account. Supporting documentation may include sales deed, purchase agreement, or business transfer agreement, contract termination, etc. 2. If you have never owned a separate account and believe this de-activation was in error, please submit an appeal following this and confirm that this account does not belong to you. If we cannot substantiate the claim, your account will not be reinstated and this account will not be allowed to do business on Amazon in the future. What happens if I do not send the requested information? If you do not provide a valid appeal, or choose not to appeal the deactivation, after 90 days following this notification, you may separately request a funds disbursement by contacting We will conduct a separate investigation to evaluate your account and if we find that you have engaged in deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity; or have abused our systems or repeatedly violated our Policies that protect our customers and selling partners, we may withhold some or all funds in your account. Regards, Seller Performance Team
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